Obstacle Course

Urban Ninja Challenge

Every month at Urban Ninja (Xtremem Elements Lexington, KY location), you can run our Level 1 Obstacle Course for time and qualify for the Urban Ninja Challenge to win cash prizes.


  1. Ask the Urban Ninja staff to walk you through the Level 1 course
  2. Practice, Practice, Practice
  3. When you're ready to get officially timed, pay the $3 buy-in fee and have our staff time your run
  4. The Top 10 from both the Kids and Teens/Adults division will advance to compete at the Urban Ninja Challenge for the cash jackpot and other prizes

Current Ranking


Check out the Obstacles Page for a description of all our obstacles

Obstacle Course - Stage 1

Beginners (All Ages)

  1. Progressive Walls
  2. Spider Net
  3. Peg Board (3 Attempts)
  4. Parallel Bars
  5. Over/Unders
  6. Ramp
  7. Tire Bridge
  8. Monkey Bars
  9. Quad Steps
  10. Warped Wall (3 Attempts)

Advanced (All Ages)

  1. Quad Steps
  2. Rolling Dice
  3. Monkey Bars
  4. Cliff Hanger
  5. Ring Hooks
  6. Rope Traverse
  7. Rock Wall Traverse
  8. Tarzan Swings
  9. Warped Wall