Ninja Family Adventure and Fitness

Urban Ninja is becoming widely known for its adventurous environment and challenging obstacles.
Its a huge hit with kids, but did you know it’s not just for kids?

Our goal is to make fitness and adventure available to your whole family… That includes you Mom and Dad!
If it’s been a struggle to not only find time to go to the gym and spend fun time with the kids then now you can do both!
We have designed a way to incorporate the whole family into a playful fitness adventure.
Its team building for the family. It’s your personal best effort regardless of your age, size or fitness ability.

This program is flexible and can accommodate for diverse needs. Its can help with motivation, family cohesion, behavioral needs, mentally or physically challenged families and we are willing to grow with you and those needs.

How it works

  • Your family schedules a session with one of our Ninja Trainers.
  • The trainer will assess your family’s goals and needs.
  • Once those needs are clear then we guide your family through a 60 minute adventure of obstacles, fitness training methods and games. For everyone, our goal is to build strong bodies, increase mobility, and deep bonding as a family.


  • Family of 2 – $30
  • Family of 3 – $35
  • Family of 4 – $40