Sponsorship & Marketing Opportunities

We are developing a Sponsorship Proposal for individuals and organizations interested in sponsoring, partnering with or supporting Urban Ninja Project with their marketing budget. The current draft of this Proposal can be viewed here (Google Doc).

Donation Opportunities

If you would like to donate time, services or materials for our gym, or at one of our events, please visit the Donate Page.

Other Opportunities

We are a creative and collaborative group of people that run the Urban Ninja Project with a vested interest in the well-being of our community. We believe what we offer is both unique, new and important to the vitality of our collective health. We are working on a cooperative business legal structure to involve people from the community as investors in our organization. If you’re interested in collaborating, advising or learning more, please visit the gym, meet us, and join one of our meetings. We’d love to hear from you!